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22 October 2005 @ 10:21 pm
[Veronica Mars] "Perfect Symbiosis" [PG, Veronica/Lamb]  
Name: Perfect Symbiosis - Chapter 2: Pride and Saints
Pairing: Veronica/Lamb
Summary: Never ever say the word 'wizard'
Warnings: Set after 1x22 'Leave it to the Beaver', and it's un betad
Notes: I have no idea why I chose that summary.

"Well well..." Veronica started completely amused over the situation, "I thought I'd never see the day when the big mighty Sheriff Lamb came and asked petite Veronica Mars for help."

Lamb shifted in his seat, noticably uncomfortable as if he got hives from being in the office. Veronica ignored it and went on:

"So what do you want my help for?" A smirk that had to be classified as michievous came across Veronica's lips and Lamb could hear the warning sirens going off inside his head.

"I ne- I would like to have some help on who is trying to murder me."

It felt odd, watching Lamb sit there and actually speak without sarcasm in his voice, but Veronica decided not to remark that.

"Go and see the wizard." she replied later.

It was childish without a doubt but years of supressed hatred finally got some glory and Veronica could feel how she enjoyed it, even though the subject he needed help on was completely serious.

When she saw no reaction from Lamb, besides the anger, Veronica decided to call it a day and put childish revenge needs behind and help him.

"Alright," she said a while later, "I'll help you."

Again, there was no gratitude from Lamb, he just gave her a look and suddenly sat in his chair on the other side of the desk, as if he owned it, apparently comfortable at last.

"One question though," Veronica added, "why don't you let the sheriff's office help you? They've set up this lovely little research team all for you, if you hadn't noticed."

"I noticed," Lamb glared at Veronica, "It's just I don't trust them."

If Veronica had been standing up she probably would've fainted. Since when did Mr Police Force not trust his own minions? She stared at Lamb in disbelief.

"And you trust me?" The disbelief was certain and the glares kept coming from Lamb, in waves.

"No, I just trust you more than them. It's just that inspector Morris has a... eh, personal grudge against me."

"What a shock." Veronica commented and rolled her eyes. But who in this town doesn't? she added in her mind.


The terms for her help was surprisingly few for a man like Don Lamb. The only term he had was that Veronica wouldn't tell her father about the invesigation. Veronica guessed that it was hard enough for Lamb to ask for help from a Mars and the top of it all would have to know that your ex-boss knew about your trouble.

A memory flashed once again through Veronica's mind; it was when her father had been kicked out of office and Lamb had replaced him. Her father had made quite a rabalder about his leave and called Lamb an insufferable brat who couldn't find his ass in the middle of the jungle even if he had a map in his hands.

Naturally, Lamb had tuned into bitch mode ever since he was in office, when Keith Mars was around.

The flashback moment was over, memory lane was closed, back to reality, Veronica Mars.


A few days later, Veronica was for once perfectly late for english class when the speakers went on in the hallway.

"Veronica Mars is wanted in the principal's office."

The sentence had two effects; horny and disturbed teenage boys started whistling since the sentence could be translated into any number of meanings, the other was the feeling of not caring. A bunch of students just shrugged their shoulders and returned to gossiping.

Veronica walked with defeated steps towards the principal's office.

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