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22 October 2005 @ 10:20 pm
[Veronica Mars] "Perfect Symbiosis" [PG, Veronica/Lamb]  
Name: Perfect Symbiosis
Chapter Name: An Introduction to the Accidents of the Sheriff
Rating: PG
Pairing: Veronica/Don Lamb
Summary: Never ever say the word 'wizard'
Warnings: Set after 1x22 'Leave it to the Beaver', and it's un betad
Notes: I have no idea why I chose that summary.

It had been an eventful week in the little town called Neptune. Eventful was something that the town's citizens were well used to by now; after the murder of Lily Kane, the arrest of Aaron Echols, the suicide of Mrs Aaron Echols... The list was long.

However, this type of events that the city had been through this last week was nothing of the sort - there had been no personal attacks and no harsh words exchanged between anyone the week before - everyone had looked forward to a quiet week.

But then somehow, the town house got blown up together with the police station, and the local sheriff - Mr Don Lamb - was lying in hospital after a food poisoning.

As if on a cue, the gossip ladies started speculating and the men at the local bar was determined that the mob was responsible for the attacks. Even though no one was particularly fond of Don Lamb, the whole city seemed to be in chaos.

Therefore, it was to everyone's great relief, when the officers in charge made an announcement that these attacks were personally directed to the sheriff. It must be because of his winning personality. Suddenly the air was free to breathe again for the adored people of Neptune.

There is where I come in - Veronica Mars. My father owns a private detective agency and I help him out there after school. Sometimes I even think I'm better than him at his job, although I never tell him to his face. Without him, I'd probably just as useless as he'd be without me.

"Who do you think is behind it all?" Wallace asked one day, "Do you think he has some sort of angry wife somewhere?"

"Doubtful," I told him and played a little with Backup, "My guess is that the closest he has ever come to a relationship is with his dog."

Sure, that was harsh - but that's the way the world works. Don Lamb insults me and I insult him back. We have this perfect symbiosis planned out.


The sunshine broke through the window of Veronica Mars' bedroom. It was a beautiful Saturday morning in the middle of summer. The messy blonde hair on the pillow and the closed eyes showed that the teenage girl had no plans whatsoever to get out of bed before lunch. However, someone else had decided to ruin a perfect morning....

"Veronica!" Her father, Keith Mars, yelled from the kitchen, "Get up!"

"Not yet, dad!" Veronica yelled back and threw the pillow over her head as her father opened the door.

"Veronica, it's one o'clock, you really should get going. When I was your age I was full of energy - my parents could barely keep me still. The summer isn't going to press 'pause' just because you are."

"I know," Veronica groaned with her head hidden underneath the pillow, "but you were born in the Stone Age and thanks to millions of years of breeding this generation of teenagers' genetic make-up has been ruined. Now leave me alone"

Sometimes Veronica loved her father, sometimes she didn't and sometimes she did both on the same time. Today was definitely the latter.

After getting dressed and eating the breakfast, Veronica nicked her father's newspaper to see if there had been anymore accidents for the "beloved" sheriff in town. Everything had been so quiet since Don had been sent into hospital that Veronica was just waiting for the storm.

No news today either, that's good. Chaos was on hold.

Veronica wondered what she would do today. Wallace had went to New York with his mother and sibling to spend some alone time together as a family. Veronica remembered with horror the countless field family trips that had occurred when her mom and dad were still married.

"Heard anything from Wallace recently?" her father asked as if he could read her mind and wash the dishes on the same time.

Translation: Heard anything about Wallace's mom?

"No I haven't," Veronica flipped the page of the newspaper, "last thing I heard they were still going through the countless bars so that Mrs Wallace can find a good decent drunk to marry, as a one night thing."

Veronica watched in amusement as Keith Mars' face turned slightly purple. Wallace's mom and her dad had been dating for a few months now. At first it had been terribly uncomfortable for every party involved but soon Wallace and Veronica had accepted their roles as step-brother and step-sister.

Eventually Veronica Mars decided that it would be nice to just take a walk around Neptune, just to see Neptune by foot - something that not many citizens did these days. Veronica could see Duncan and the rest of the 09'ers a little bit further away at the beach. She remembered when she had solved Lily's murder and hoped that she would, one day, become a part of them again - somehow. Even though, she wasn't sure that she'd even want to be a part of them anymore, they were from different worlds. In the 09'ers world the worst possible scenario was that their favourite piece of clothing was missing for a date. In hers, however, the worst scenario ever had some dark details such as murder in it.

She shook her head. No, she wouldn't want to be a part of their world now. She turned her eyes away from them and continued walking down Neptune.

When she returned to the "home base" her dad was in the middle of 'looking up some files' which in truth meant that he was checking out his e-mail from messages from Alicia. Veronica rolled her eyes as she let the smitten man do whatever he felt like he had to do and sat down by her little desk in the hallway.

Veronica started flipping with a pen as the most unlikely thing in the world just happened. A man - a little bit taller than herself - with brown hair and with looks that might be flattering if he didn’t have such an outstanding nose, walked in. Veronica could hear the sarcasm drip from the steps he took and she was sure that hell just had frozen over when she saw him.

Don Lamb, leader of the hate club against the Mars family, stood by their doorstep.

"I need your help."

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