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24 October 2005 @ 04:31 pm
AU100: Sawyer/Kate (Lost)  
Title: All the purple dresses
Fandom: Lost
Characters: Kate, Sawyer
Prompt: #16 Purple
Word Count: 1,302
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Spell checked.

Kate hated purple. She had hated it since she was a child and her mother had brought her countless dresses in purple. Not pink dresses like Amy Fisher's mom, but purple, ugly and colourful dresses. When she had asked why her mother said it brought out the nice colour in her hair.

Her mother continued to buy purple dresses for her until she was fifteen and committed her first crime.

Kate snapped out of her thoughts, as she sat on the bus, once again escaping authority that wanted her in prison for whatever crime she had now committed. It was like that, when there was a new town, there was a new crime. Kate just never liked to do the same things twice.

The bus stopped, picking up eight new passengers. Kate frowned, she never liked when the bus stopped for so long, because she always became afraid that a police officer would step on board asking to search it. Of course, that never happened.

"That will be one dollar and ninth-five cents, sir." She heard the bus driver say to a long-haired blonde man, who was endlessly searching his pockets for change.

"Hang on just a second, will ya?" The man muttered and emptied his pockets in and out and in the end, handing over the last five cents.

Kate sighed, she hated Texas, not only because it was the state that the president came from, but also because everything was so very Southern and everything seemed so conservative.

The bus smelt like gas, sweat and scents mixed together from the hundreds of people that rode this bus every day on their way to work, to the mall or where ever normal people went. It was depressing and comforting on the same time. Kate thought it was more of the last, even if she hated small towns and the very state she was in. She liked to believe that in some point of her life, she was going to have a normal life.

The grumpy, older man unexpectedly jumped down in the seat next to hers. She didn't register the action until the man next to her started adjusting himself to the seat. Kate stared at him, annoyed and surprised.

After a ten minute bus ride and eight bus stops, which of none the stranger was getting off at, Kate figured as if she should say something. This was a long line bus and for all she knew she could be trapped in this bus with him next to her for the next two hours. Somehow, Kate found that suggestion both displeasing and tempting.

"Lovely weather isn't it, Freckles?" He commented with his mouth dripping with sarcasm as he leaned his back against the seat.

"Not really," Kate replied shortly and stared out of the window. This man had a southern accent that seemed to immediately irritate her. The bus stopped again and Kate prayed that he would go out of the bus.

"You aren't getting off here?" Kate asked later when the bus started again.

"Nope," the man smiled widely in a way that wanted Kate to make sure he couldn't stand for a week, "I'm not getting off till the end of this little trip,"

Kate tried to hide her disappointment, but it seemed as if the stranger noticed. She thought she saw a flash of indifference but a second later she was convinced that she had just imagined, because the smug on the man's face was still frozen in place.

"Why? Disappointed?" The older man leaned his head closer to Kate's seat and his eyes never leaving hers.

Kate rolled her eyes. Men, she thought angrily, they are all the same. Idiots.

"I'm Sawyer," he says after a while of silence and reaches out his hand slowly as if he's afraid she'll burn it.

Kate stares at it, as if she doesn’t know what to do. She then stares at Sawyer's face and the reluctant expression to tell him her name is written all over her face, clear as day, for everyone to see.

"What's the matter, sweet cheeks?" he laughs softly, "don’t you have a name? 'Cause if not, I can think up a few." The smirk was suggestive and Kate knew guys like him, she had him all figured out. Jackass, she commented without saying out loud.

"Kate," Kate replies after a while when it seemed as if Sawyer had started to read a letter, "My name's Kate."

He slowly folded the letter away and turned to her with the same big smirk on his face, as if it was glued to his expression. "Well, nice to meet you, Kate,"

Sawyer seemed to suddenly turn on a switch, suddenly he looked thoughtful and slightly uneasy. He stared at his fingers and moved in his seat.

"So," he doesn't look her in the eye anymore, which strikes Kate as odd, "Are ya married?"

The question made Kate chuckle, she had never been cut out for marriage, and she was never planning to be a part of a wedding either. She remembered back in her hometown when her friends sent her wedding invitations and she always returned them with a lame excuse why she couldn't be there.

"No," She smiled briefly, "I'm not married. You?"

She was never one for conversations but it seemed as if it was the polite thing to do. Even though every word she spoke out could be used against her in a hearing, if they ever found this Sawyer. But something told Kate that he was as hard to track down for the government as herself.

"Naah," he shock his head and looked relieved for a moment, "Never been my thing."

Silence swept over the two as a blanket over a baby and they didn't talk for another hour. Sawyer read his letter, Kate looked out of the window. The bus stopped again and in the corner of Kate's eye she saw a police officer standing there, waiting for the bus.

Her blood turned to ice, her heart stopped moving and her body tensed up. She briefly glanced at the door when the officer stepped on board, almost too afraid to look. Then she saw Sawyer, looking almost as anxious as herself, with his eyes firmly on the door.

"Care to tell me why you look so worried?" Kate managed and tried to put her gaze back to the window but she kept staring at the office, who was talking to the bus driver.

"Not particularly," Sawyer said with his voice cold as stone. "You?"

"Never been my thing."

They both looked at each other now. Sawyer definitely didn't want to be caught by a man of the law, and it was clear as sunshine for Sawyer that Kate had something to hide too. It's insane, Kate thought, It's almost like... he's runnin' too.

"Why don't we make a run for it?" Sawyer whispered in her ear, his lips briefly touch her ear as he spoke, "I don't know about you but I wouldn't want to spend the next 25 years in a neat cell."

"What makes you so sure I won't just turn you over to the police over there?"

Sawyer looked at her, "Because you don't wanna be caught any less than I do."

Kate looked at him. He was actually serious about this. He must've done something really terrible, to get 25 years in prison, even though she knew that she expected a similar sentence if she ever went to court. A lifetime of breaking the law made her unredeemable in the court's eyes. Not that she cared about what the court thought.

"Alright," she said after a while, "Let's do this," she paused though, "But if you try anything funny, I'll rip your gut out. Got it?"

"Got it. I might even buy you something purple as a thanks."

Kate rolled her eyes. She hated purple.

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